We are Bündle Concept

And it is our honour to show you what can happen, when boldest technological aspiration meets aesthetic excellence. Bündle.

A product that is not only innovative, but also looks stunning – and above all can have a meaningful role in the life of future consumers.

A product that meets our own standards and embodies our vision of how the world should look like.

A product made of a fabric more vivid and organic than any other electronic device before.

A product that earns the predicate “timeless”, not only in terms of design, but also functionality, giving you a hint of how things should have been, should have developed.

A product… ok, it’s a bag that uses sunlight to charge your mobile.


Heiko Nemitz
Am Heerdter Hof 18
40549 Düsseldorf
heiko@buendle.com inga@buendle.com

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